What I Love

Hello and welcome to my website! This area is dedicated to all the things in life that I love! Here you’ll find pieces of my writing in poetry and fiction form, photography, movie reviews, music recommendations, etc. I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do! Also please use the menu above to read about my spiritual beliefs and being vegan.

Constance and Variables: A flash fiction piece about the fear in loving someone

Aberdeen: A flash fiction piece about dying

The Moon, the Tide, and the Gravity of Melody: A short story about transforming perspective

Empty: A flash fiction piece about being lost

Willow: A flash fiction piece about love

Ode to Existentialism: A very short piece about life

Sam: a short tale of a tall hare: Here I try my hand at a children’s story

Transpositional Regression: A small contemplative poem of sorts

‘Tree of Life’ may be the best film ever made: A movie review of one of my favorites

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