I was born in Cincinnati and raised in the suburbs of Dayton. As great as Dayton is (it isn’t), I was always drawn to Cincinnati (JK Dayton, you’re great, I love you Marions!). Anyway I have lived in Cincinnati now for 15 years and couldn’t be more proud to call this city my home. On any given day you could find me eating the Pasta Bolo at Via Vite, riding my bike down the Little Miami Bike Trail, catching an independent film at Mariemont Theater, playing disc golf at Mt Airy, stopping in Holtman’s for 1-7 donuts, photographing the flowers at Ault Park, shopping for useless trinkets in OTR, reading a book on the banks, or at home trying to find every last temple in Zelda: BOTW.


I have loved photography my whole life. As a child, there was something magical about snapping a Polaroid and watching a moment in time develop in front of my eyes. I studied photography throughout high school/college and found that same allure in developing stills in a dark room. Now as an adult, the digital age has streamlined the process but the wonder still remains. To capture a moment in time and hold it forever is a special form of art and to put it simply, I love it.


As previously stated, I have been into photography my whole life. I have taken photography courses in high school, college, and online at the New York Institute of Photography. Outside of academics, I have been in and out of the photography business since 2007. My business, Ron Adair Photography, is a life long vision come true. I shoot alone using the highest rated Nikon DX digital DSLR with multiple lenses, speedlights, and a multitude of accessories. I have backups for everything including my main camera body so there is zero chance an equipment malfunction will affect your big day! I edit all photos individually by hand using the latest in Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop. I am fully insured through Nationwide Insurance. I am also registered and licensed to do business as a Sole Proprietor on a state and federal level.


I believe that photography is all about capturing a moment in time. I will be there on your wedding day as a photojournalist to photograph every moment imaginable as it naturally occurs. This does not mean I am against posed shots as I do believe there is a right time and place for these photos (group photos, location shoots, etc.) However, my ultimate goal is to document the wedding organically and tell a story through photographs without interrupting a moment or asking you to stop and smile.


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  1. Everything about working with Ron was fabulous! I had a session to shoot so many great photos for my consulting business. I got a lot of amazing professional pictures in very creative settings. Ron’s easy-going yet professional manner and communication, facilitated a relaxed environment so that everything went super smooth without a hitch. He’s so creative and really cares about his work and his clients. He also has a gift with an uncanny ability to bring out the very best with unique posing ideas. I would highly recommend him for all occasions and thank you again so much Ron!

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