I have loved photography my whole life. As a child, there was something magical about snapping a Polaroid and watching a moment in time develop in front of my eyes. I studied photography throughout high school/college and found that same allure in developing stills in a dark room. Now as an adult, the digital age has streamlined the process but the wonder still remains. To capture a moment in time and hold it forever is a special form of art and to put it simply, I love it.


As previously stated, I have been into photography my whole life. I have taken photography courses in high school, college, and online at the New York Institute of Photography. Outside of academics, I have been in and out of the photography business since 2007. My business, Ron Adair Photography, is a life long vision come true. I shoot alone using the highest rated Nikon DX digital DSLR with multiple lenses, speedlights, and a multitude of accessories. I edit all photos individually by hand using the latest in Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop. I am fully insured through Nationwide Insurance. I am also registered and licensed to do business as a Sole Proprietor on a state and federal level.


I believe that photography is all about capturing a moment in time. I will be there on your wedding day as a photojournalist to photograph every moment imaginable as it naturally occurs. This does not mean I am against posed shots as I do believe there is a right time and place for these photos (group photos, location shoots, etc.) However, my ultimate goal is to document the wedding organically and tell a story through photographs without interrupting a moment or asking you to stop and smile.


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